Aria at 4 weeks

Gorgeous Aria was my first baby for 2018 and she was 4 weeks old. I dont mind photographing older babies as sometimes things can arise and not all families get the opportunity to come within those first few weeks. This is the families first baby and I was happy that they did end up getting a session done of their little girl as time almost got away.

Little Aria was most comfortable sleeping propped up so I organised most of my props for her to sit upright as thats how she was most comfortable. Some babies prefer this especially when they have reflux. I do my styling on how baby is most comfortable as there are times when babies dont like lying on their back and prefer to sit up and I also get babies that do the opposite where they dont like being upright they like to lie down so as the session progesses I tend to use my judgement and see what makes baby most comfortable. In the end and after stopping for a few feeds we ended up getting some gorgeous images of Aria. So here she is.


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