Sitters,Babies and Siblings

Time to capture your babies true personality and your precious siblings.

If you didnt get the opportunity to have your newborn session then I assure you that this is the next best time. Your baby would have grown and developed their own little personality through time and most babies at this age are just so happy and love to play. I love capturing babies as you truly get to see their little personalities,their cute gummy smiles,those gorgeous stares,and just the pureness and innocence.

We also offer sibling portrait sessions where we take some beautiful images of your siblings together.

With my sessions I love to make my portraits look amazing on your walls with the use of beautiful backgrounds and props that are all handmade from around the world.

Baby sessions are from 3-7 months old but for these sessions we are limited to using certain props for safety reasons. Still we can achieve some beautiful portraits of  your baby.

Sitter sessions are best taken when your baby can sit unassisted so usually from 9 – 11 months. Sessions take place in the privacy of my studio or if you prefer location is available. So lets create some beautiful portraits of your baby and capture this amazing time.

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