Twin Girls Gabriella and Daniella

I was so excited when I had a message from Fiona agreeing to having her twin girls newborn session with me. I was so excited as I have never photographed twins before.It was a very warm 40 degree day and my air con was on so it was not chilly but comfortable in the studio.I started with them together and then I was going to take a few seperate images of them and then lastly to finish off with mum and dad so I had everything planned. I didnt expect for twins wanting to be seperated as i thought they would still like to be intertwined together but this wasnt the case. 13 days old and still so tiny,I posed them together ever so gently no to disturb them. Mum and Dad were wonderful in helping me and also very patient. It was a eye opener at how much work not just one baby but two is. These are my favourites from this session.


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